Sporty Heritage

Björn Borg is an international sports fashion brand founded in 1984. The brand is recognized for high-quality products, designed for people who want to feel active and attractive. With an energetic expression, Björn Borg takes a stand for the passionate and the brave. 

With an uncompromising attitude, Björn Borg took the world of tennis by storm. Between 1974 and 1981, he became the first male professional to win 11 Grand Slam singles titles. Not only that, Björn Borg also became a fashion icon that changed tennis from being a ”white sport”, into a colorful scene for the  passionate and the brave.

He proved that being active and making a difference is far more attractive than playing it safe, and it is this attitude that is the core of the Björn Borg brand today.

A bag from Björn Borg will reflect the customer’s personality while being beautiful to wear. The collections are a balanced combination of unique materials, exciting prints and trendy colors unified by the key phrase “sporty fashion”.